The first step of a new journey


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Hi and welcome to my new blog! Since this is my first post, I thought I would start with the logical first step and introduce myself!

My name is Bobby. I come from England and I currently live in Australia with my wife and our mini pet army of 14 guinea pigs and 9 birds. That’s not counting a rescue bird we’re currently housing and a stray cat who has decided to adopt us! Yup, we’re definitely crazy pet people!

I currently work as an IT technician (yes, the guy that everyone calls when technology decides that it wants to do everything except what it’s programmed to!), which definitely has its ‘interesting’ days! Outside of IT my big passion is books and everything writing related. In the past I have penned a few short stories which to this day are still floating about in the black hole known as my desk drawer. This year however, I decided to take the plunge and start work on my first novel, details of which will be posted shortly on the ‘books’ page. I’m aiming for a late 2016 release at this stage. I enjoy reading a range of genres such as sci-fi, cyberpunk, horror and fantasy.

In addition to fiction novels, I have been considering blogging for a while. As a new author there has been a great deal of reading and researching going on and I feel that much of what I have learnt will be beneficial to others.


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There are many areas I would like to blog about, but you can look forward to the following content:

  • Articles covering a range of useful tips and techniques on writing, publishing and advertising.
  • My own and other author’s experiences during the writing process.
  • Book reviews and recommendations.
  • News and discussions about the writing and publishing industry.

I would really love to hear everyone’s thoughts and hopefully start some interesting discussions! You can throw in your two cents by commenting on posts and sharing on social media, or you can email me directly through the contact section of the site or on Twitter and Facebook. I always try my best to get back to people as soon as possible.

The only rules I have are no profanity and to remain polite during discussions. I strongly believe in treating others with respect regardless of whether you are face to face or not. I would like this blog to be home to constructive discussions!

OK, time to get blogging! 🙂